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Observation opportunities

Until further notice, we are only offering shadowing to indviduals with a Providence sponsor for roles marked with an * or roles not listed on this page. If you are interested in a role marked with an *, or one that is not listed on this page, and you do NOT have a sponsor, please check back later.

Thank you for your interest in job shadowing with us! Providence Inland Northwest Washington offers job shadowing opportunities to compliment classroom studies and/or help prepare individuals for graduate studies or future work. Please take time to read through this page and if we have something that sounds like a good match and you are able to meet the requirements, please click Apply from the main menu and complete the Observation Application.


  • Anesthesia Tech: Opportunities available to individuals interested in exploring a career as an anesthesia technician. Techs assist providers in the acquisition, preparation, and application of the equipment and supplies needed for the administration of anesthesia. They also respond to in-house medical emergencies and are often one of the first to help administer CPR. To learn more about the field, visit www.asatt.org. Observations are available at Holy Family and Sacred Heart, where techs may assist in 70 - 90 cases per day and log up to 13 miles.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Opportunities available to individuals interested in exploring a career as a biomedical technician. Techs install, calibrate, maintain, and repair medical imaging tools, operating tables, and much more. Graduates of biomedical engineering programs study electronics, physics, chemistry, physiology, medical terminology, and hospital ethics and safety.
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation*: This program provides support for cardiac and pulmonary patients and their families through exercise, education, counseling, and medical oversite. One 4-hour experience may be offered to individuals considering a career in excercise science/kinesiology or related field (e.g., exercise physiologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, registered dietitian) or respiratory therapy.
  • Genetic Counseling: Preference given to college students who are considering, or planning to apply to, a genetic counseling program. Up to two 8-hour weekday shifts (ideally Monday and/or Thursday) may be offered, depending on capacity of genetic counselors to host a shadowing experience.
  • Imaging**: We DO NOT offer observations in nuclear medicine, radiology, sonography, and ultrasound; however, a volunteer position may satisfy most/all program prerequisites. If you are strictly interested in shadowing, DO NOT complete an application through this site. Instead, contact Inland Imaging for information by emailing hr@inlandimaging.com or calling 509-363-4205. If you are interested in a volunteer position, and able to fulfull a 75-hour/six-month commitment, please complete a volunteer application via the Apply menu.
  • Laboratory: Coming soon! Opportunities vary by campus. At Sacred Heart, applications are accepted during January, February, July, and August, from individuals interested in a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician (associate degree) or Medical Laboratory Scientist (bachelor degree). Experience may include up to two 4-hour shifts, with 2-hour rotations each in Phlebotomy/Specimen Processing, Hematology, Chemistry, and/or Microbiology. Must be at least 18 years old. As of today, opportunities at Mount Carmel* and St. Joseph's* must have a sponsor.
  • Maxillofacial Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic: Specilizes in all Craniofacial and Maxillofacial pediatric needs with a primary patient population of Cleft Lip and Palate malformations. Providers of all types of specialties make up our team, including Surgical, ENT, Speech, Genetics, Orthodontics, Dentistry, Audiology, and Nursing. Managing the complexities and coordination of individualized care for each patient is a very rewarding experience. We focus on healing and education by following our patients from birth to the age of 21. Applications are considered from individuals interested in pursuing a career in nursing, speech therapy, or surgery dentistry/plastic surgery. If selected for consideration, applicants will interview with the Nurse Coordinator to review career goals and a potential shadowing plan to meet those goals. 
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Applications are considered from individuals ages 18+ who are exploring a career as a NICU nurse. It is intended to give a glimpse into the day in the life of a NICU nurse and the emotional and physical demands of caring for seriously ill and premature infants in an intensive care environment. This is strictly an observational experience and individuals will NEVER hold an infant while job shadowing.
  • Occupational Therapy: Opportunities vary by location. At St. Joseph's Hospital (Chewelah), applications are accepted September through mid-April. Opportunities at Holy Family* and Sacred Heart* must have a sponsor. Volunteers in good standing, who have served at least 60 hours, are given preference for observation hours at St. Luke's. In general, experiences are limited to one 4-hour observation. However, a volunteer position in one of the therapy gyms at St. Luke's satisifies OT and OTA program hours of experience prerequisites.
  • Physical Therapy*: Limited opportunities; however, a volunteer position in one of the therapy gyms at Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center satisifies DPT and PTA program hours of experience prerequisites. Please note that volunteers in good standing, who have served at least 60 hours, are given preference for observation hours. In general, experiences are limited to one 4-hour observation.
  • Physician (ARNP, DMD, DO, MD, or PA)**: If you are interested in shadowing a physician, DO NOT complete an application through this site. Requests must come from an active staff member to the Medical Staff Services department; students are not matched with a sponsoring physician. If you have a sponsoring physician, please contact Medical Staff Services by emailing SHMC&HFHMedicalStaffOffices@providence.org or calling (509) 474-3052.
  • Recreational Therapy*: Limited opportunitites available at St. Luke's, to individuals pursuing a career in Recreational Therapy.
  • Speech Therapy: Limited opportunities available at Sacred Heart, to applicants considering a career as a speech language pathologist and/or preparing to apply to grad school. Acute care setting. Treating adult patients; primarily swallow evulations and follow-up.

*Until further notice, you must already have a Providence employee who is willing to be your sponsor to apply for an observation experience. If you do not have a sponsor, please check back later and/or visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on this website as we may have a volunteer position that satisifies your observation requirements.

**These roles are NOT coordinated through this site. Please see the role description above for more information.


  • Age: At least 16 to 18 years old, depending on department/role.
  • Background check: Able to pass a criminal background check through the Washington State Patrol.
  • Education: Varies by department/role but in general, we welcome applications from students and non-students interested in a health sciences or related career.
  • Health: COVID-19 vaccination is required. Depending on the service you would like to shadow, a tuberculosis test that's current within 12 months may also be required and/or proof of immunzation against hepatitis B (Hep B), influenza (flu), measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), tetanus/diphtheria/pertssis (Tdap) and/or varicella (chickenpox).


  • Jobs: Visit https://www.providenceiscalling.jobs to learn more about and apply for jobs with Providence.
  • Short-term/temp jobs: Work as little or as much as you want. Apply to become an agency staff member with Providence through CareRev. Positions include RNs, CNAs, and certified surgical technologists.
  • Training: Gain on-the-job work experience, classroom education, and clinical training at Providence, through the several education programs, included Certified Nursing Assistant (NAC), Medical Assistant (MA)*, and more! *2023 classes scheduled to begin March 3, August 4, and November 10. Applications will be available through our career portal about six week prior to class start dates.


  • How are applicants selected? Applicants are selected based on application responses, availability of opportunities, and always at the hosting leader's discretion.
  • Do I need to be a student to apply? No. In addition to current students or recent graduates of programs in the health sciences or related fields, we welcome applications from individuals who plan to apply in the near future to a health sciences program or related field, from Providence caregivers interested in pursuing a career goal and/or considering another path, and from scholars interested in advancing their understanding of the work we do at Providence.
  • When will I be notified of my application status? Our goal is to notify applicants of approval status as soon as possible and ideally within a few business days. However, it may take up to several weeks to process an application.
  • How will I be notified that my application has been approved or rejected? You will be notified by email. If your application is approved, the email will include instructions for completing the requirements that must be met before you may begin shadowing.
  • My application has been approved and I completed all requirements. What's next? You will receive an email detailing the terms of your assignment and your sponsor will be in touch by email or phone to schedule your experience.
  • May Providence caregivers apply for a job shadowing experience? Yes! Caregivers must be in good standing, have the approval of their core leader, and the experience must take place outside of scheduled hours. Please note that core leaders are not expected to adjust schedules to accomodate a shadowing experience.
  • May Providence volunteers apply for a job shadowing experience? Yes! Volunteers must be in good standing and depending on requested area, may also be required to meet a set minimum number of volunteer hours.
  • May I participate in patient care during a shadowing experience? No, regardless of experience and/or credentials, this experience is observational only.
  • How many times may I shadow? Up to four times, if in good standing, but no more than once per quarter, unless a special exemption is granted.
  • How long does each experience last? Length of experience is up to the hosting leader's discretion but in general, each experience may be up to eight hours, unless a special exemption is granted.
  • Which departments/services DO NOT offer shadowing? Not all departments have the capacity to offer shadowing and/or placement may be reserved for interns or graduate students. Although subject to change, we are not able to arrange observations in several areas, including with childlife specialists and in surgery/operating rooms